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Farm Fresh Eggs

Our eggs are always fresh. All of our chickens are cage free. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used and they get...

Cream top milk (non-homogenized)

Delicious farm fresh milk Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Whole Milk

Farm fresh milk Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Reduced Fat Milk 2 percent

Farm fresh Milk. Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Fat Free Milk

Farm fresh milk Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Chocolate Milk

Farm fresh milk Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Half & Half

Farm fresh Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Heavy Cream

Farm fresh Returnable glass bottles $1.50 deposit per bottle

Plain Greek Yogurt

Quite tart, our plain Greek yogurt is very versatile. Use it for cooking, add honey to eat it like they do in Greece,...

Vanilla Greek Yogurt

The vanilla flavor is slightly sweeter than plain. In addition to enjoying it straight, customers report using...

Maple Greek Yogurt

This decadent yogurt is so good, it could be a dessert. With more maple syrup than the non-Greek version, this is...

Feta Cheese

Argyle Cheese Farmer's Feta cheese breaks with tradition. Feta has traditionally been made with sheep and goats...


This European staple is a cultured fresh cheese spread, similar to American cream cheese, but fresher, a bit tangier...


This cheese spread is made by combining Quark, butter and some seasonings. It is a great spread on bagels, crackers...

Sweet Greek Jars

Feature our Greek yogurt with a small amount of fruit/flavors in the jar

Maple Syrup

Our pure maple syrup is available in plastic pints, quarts, half gallon and gallon containers.

Original Lemon Garlic Hummus

The traditional authentic hummus you're used to --- but a lot better!

Olive Tapenade

Olive Tapenade is a flavorful Mediterranean spread ideal for an appetizer or on a sandwich. Green olives, Kalamata...

The Works Hummus

A spicy blend of roasted red peppers, kalatana olives, Chinese chives and green jalapenos.

Christmas wreaths

handmade on our farm with fresh balsam from Berlin NY. We will custom decorate to your specifications. Many...

Local Honey

Pure Honey from local hives

Whole Milk Yogurt

non-homogenized- meaning cream separates and rises to top just stir in before serving. Pure simplicity-no pectin-...


Fresh chives add a delicate onion flavor to any recipe.


Wonderful in pickles, meat, seafood,cheeses and breads.


Great with fish and salsa

Beer and Cheddar Crackers

A perfect combination. Locally brewed beer and fresh grated cheddar cheese, ideal for game snacks! Ingredients:...

Saratoga Spice and Parmesan

The signature cracker. A blend of our favorite spices and red cracked pepper for a burst of flavor and a lingering...


With poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, and garlic; this truly tastes like everything. Ingredients: unenriched...

Rosemary Olive

A fresh blend of rosemary and Greek olives. Quickly becoming a new customer favorite. Ingredients: unenriched...

Sugar and Cinnamon

A balance of spice and sugar melted into a Saratoga Cracker, the perfect sweet snack Ingredients: unenriched...


Highly fragrant leaves used as a seasoning herb for a variety of foods. Ever popular in fresh pesto.

Beets (Bulichs Farm)

One of the worlds healthiest foods. Rich in antioxidants..

Strawberry Jam

Homemade with locally picked fresh strawberries.

Blueberry Jam

Loaded with fresh hand picked local blueberries

Local Carrots (Bulichs Farm)

Fresh from Bulich's Creekside Farm in Leeds NY

White Button l Mushrooms (Bulich's Farm)

Fresh white button mushrooms grown on Bulich's farm in Leeds NY

Local Peaches

Local peaches from Little River Farm and Bulich's Farm Very sweet and juicy. Perfect for that summer snack or a...

Portobello Mushrooms (Bulich's Farm)

Fresh large portobello mushrooms from Bulichs farm in Leeds NY Wonderful stuffed.

Sweet potatoes

Freshly harvested from Bulichs farm in Leeds NY Full of nutrients. Perfect for those fall and winter recipes

Cheese Curds

Our cheese curds are the first step in what would ultimately become a cheddar cheese. Instead of pressing and aging...

Peach jam

Delicious. Made from fresh picked local peaches.

Leaf Lettuce from Bulisch's Farm

Fresh picked leaf lettuce. Perfect for salads, on sandwiches and burgers


Fresh picked from Bulich's Farm

Local Blueberries (Bulich's Farm)

Fresh picked. Loaded with antioxidants. A wonderful summer treat.

Grass-fed Naturally raised Ground Beef

Grass-fed beef has a delicious, natural taste: achieved by providing quality grasses as well as the removal of grain,...


Freshly harvested from Bulich's Farm

Stew Beef

All natural stew beef from grass fed cows

Gala Apples from Little River Farm

Gala apples are great in fresh preparations with a delicate flavor and texture

Full Sour Garlic Pickle (Puckers Gourmet Pickles)

A pickle that ferments up to 30 days with 30lbs of garlic and 25 spices

Giardiniera ( Puckers Gourmet Pickles)

A lightly fermented tangy Italian vegetable medley

Red skin potatoes (Bulisch Farm)

Locally grown red skin potatoes great in salads and cooking

Local white potatoes (Bulisch Farm)

Local white potatoes Perfect for cooking baking and salads

Leeks (Bulischs Farm)

Root vegetable with onion like flavor but milder


8 inch pots Perfect for fall decorating

Mocha Milk

A delightful combination of coffee and chocolate Available in plastic pints and half gallons

Kissing Balls

Traditional Christmas kissing ball with local cut balsam Red ribbon and streamers

Cheese and yogurt dips (Argyle Cheese Farmer)

delicious yogurt and cheese dips for pretzels. crackers and veggies Available in 3 delicious flavors


Excellent in iced tea


excellent with pork and chicken dishes

Bornt Family Farms meat products

Bornt family farms offers all natural Pork products antibiotic and hormone free

Fresh Soups from Carol's Place Troy NY

A delicious addition to a meal or a meal itself

Pizza Kits from Carol's Place Troy NY

Pizza kits contain pizza dough, homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese to make that perfect pizza at home

Lasagna from Carol's Place Troy NY

Small tray of Carol's Place delicious lasagna serves 3 or 4 for dinner

Crimini Mushrooms (Bulich's Farm)

Crimini Mushrooms also known as baby Bella mushrooms Great for cooking

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