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Seasonal Vegetables

We offer a variety of fresh locally harvested vegetables.

Beets (Bulichs Farm)

One of the worlds healthiest foods. Rich in antioxidants..

Local Carrots (Bulichs Farm)

Fresh from Bulich's Creekside Farm in Leeds NY


Freshly harvested from Bulich's Farm

Leeks (Bulischs Farm)

Root vegetable with onion like flavor but milder

Leaf Lettuce from Bulisch's Farm

Fresh picked leaf lettuce. Perfect for salads, on sandwiches and burgers

White Button l Mushrooms (Bulich's Farm)

Fresh white button mushrooms grown on Bulich's farm in Leeds NY

Crimini Mushrooms (Bulich's Farm)

Crimini Mushrooms also known as baby Bella mushrooms Great for cooking

Portobello Mushrooms (Bulich's Farm)

Fresh large portobello mushrooms from Bulichs farm in Leeds NY Wonderful stuffed.

Sweet potatoes

Freshly harvested from Bulichs farm in Leeds NY Full of nutrients. Perfect for those fall and winter recipes

Red skin potatoes (Bulisch Farm)

Locally grown red skin potatoes great in salads and cooking

Local white potatoes (Bulisch Farm)

Local white potatoes Perfect for cooking baking and salads


Fresh picked from Bulich's Farm

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