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Some of our food vendors...


Mort's MapleMort's Maple

Mort's Maple is a member of the New York State Maple Producers AssociationOwner Wayne Mortimer maintains over 600 taps on 60 acres in West Sand Lake.  The sap is collected using buckets, as well as tubing.  It is then boiled on a wood-fired evaporator, until it reaches the correct density.  It is then filtered, checked for taste and grade, and canned. The syrup is later reheated, filtered and bottled, or made into other maple products such as molded sugar, granulated sugar and maple cream.


 Poestenkill Baking Company

Poestenkill Baking Company is a certified wholesale bakery dedicated to making artisan bread. The bakery started in a home kitchen Ryeand has since moved into a new small commercial bakery.  All of our breads are made from the highest quality ingredients, made with the time-tested techniques of long, slow, cool fermentation, natural or yeasted leavening, patient, careful mixing and folding, and baked to perfection on a hot stone deck with plenty of steam.

What sets Poestenkill Baking Company apart from other bakeries include:
- extended fermentation for superior flavor - think wine instead of grape juice
- low salt - we use half the salt ordinary bakeries use - for better health and better flavor
- all natural ingredients - and nothing you can't pronounce or wonder about
- fresh ground whole grains - we grind all of our whole grain flours just before using them - again, for better flavor
- hearth baked - all of our products are baked on thick baking stones - this conducts heat directly into the bread yielding taller loaves, better crust, and again, better flavor 

Freddy's Fabulous FoodsHummus Display

Proudly selling the best Hummus EVER at Farmers Markets in the Capital Region!

Freddy, the Feline Zen Master, has created a Hummus that soothes the soul, enlightens the mind, and makes your taste buds very, very happy! Think you've had Hummus before? Think again!

Ours is a superior Hummus, hand crafted in small batches and made with organic chick peas and other all natural ingredients. It's an invigorating garlicky delight - bright, lemony, garlicky (did I mention the garlic??). Freddy's Rockin' Hummus leaves those bland grocery store Hummus brands in the dust!

Try our hummus and you be the judge, although the jury has already spoken...



Little River FarmLittle River Farm

Our orchard is set on 144 acres in the town of Livingston in Columbia County, NY.  It has been in the Smith family since 1937.  Our primary fruits are apples, peaches, pears, plums and nectarines.

Currently, the other fruits are gone, but we have four types of apples available - Cortland, Macoun, Gala and Macs.  In the coming weeks, we will have Granny Smith, Fuji, Cameo, Fortune, Mutsu and Red Delicious.

We sell our apples in 1/2 peck bags for $5.  The filled bags typically weigh 5 to 6 pounds, so it's a very good value for local apples.  It was a great apple year so we expect to have quality apples for you right through the winter season.

 Pixies PreservesPixie's Preserves

Our jams and jellies are all made the old fashioned way.  Nothing mass produced here.  Just a simple large pot on our home stove, like Grandma used to make!  We use only the finest ingredients from local farmers or berries we find in the wild, whenever available.  We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box when when it comes to our unique recipes.  And what could possibly be better than jams made the old fashioned way with absolutely no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


Miele's Cafe is a family owned cafe  located in Troy NY. The cafe was opened in 2004. We serve homemade soups and sandwiches.  All of our soups are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients.  



At Grayson Family Farm, we raise grass-fed Belted Galloway beef cattleon the hillside pastures at our farm. Grayson Family Farm is a family owned, family run farm that uses sustainable agricultural practices. We hav e a passion for eating healthy and raising nutritious, pasture-based food for our family and others.  As a farming family. we place importance on knowing how our food was raised or grown and wish the same for our customers. Our cattle live peacefully on the farm pastures with a variety of grasses. Our cows thrive on quality grasses, both fresh and stored, water, and organic minerals. We believe that caring for our cattle in this way makes them healthier and the taste of the beef reflects that. Grass-fed beef has a delicious, natural taste: achieved by providing quality grasses as well as the removal of grain, antibiotics and hormones from our cows diets. We raise our animals to provide beef products as they were intended to be- natural, flavorful and health beneficial. We invite you to enjoy the great flavor of our grass-fed beef.





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