Wind Drift Farm

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Local Fruit

Fresh picked fall apples.

Fresh cut Rhubarb (Wind Drift Farm)

Delicious in pies ,jams and other deserts
1 Pound = $3.00 + $0.10 Assembly Out of Stock
Strawberries (Wind Drift Farm)

Fresh picked local strawberries from Bulichs Farm. First of the season.
1 Pint = $4.00 + $0.10 Assembly
Local Peaches (Wind Drift Farm)

Local peaches from Little River Farm and Bulich's Farm Very sweet and juicy. Perfect for that summer snack or a wonderful peach pie
1 Quart of peaches = $4.50 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Local Blueberries (Bulich's Farm) (Wind Drift Farm)

Fresh picked. Loaded with antioxidants. A wonderful summer treat.
1 Half pint = $3.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 pint = $5.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Honeycrisp apples from Bulich's Farm (Wind Drift Farm)

Honeycrisp apples Excellent apple for eating raw. Bulich's is a low spray farm using pesticides only when necessary.
1 Pound = $1.50 + $0.10 Assembly Out of Stock
Gala Apples from Little River Farm (Wind Drift Farm)

Gala apples are great in fresh preparations with a delicate flavor and texture
1 pound = $1.50 + $0.10 Assembly Out of Stock