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Vegetables and flowers for planting

6 packs of vegetables and annuals for those who grow a garden We use no pesticides on our growing plants


Wind Drift Farm

Mixed colors perfect as an accent plant in gardens and containers

Dusty Miller

Wind Drift Farm

Great blue green accent plant


Wind Drift Farm

Mix of orange, yellows


Wind Drift Farm

Colorful annuals for pots and landscaping


Wind Drift Farm

A mix of brilliant colors


Wind Drift Farm

8 inch pots Perfect for fall decorating

Plume celosia

Wind Drift Farm

Mix of yellow, orange, pink and red Great for pots or flower beds

Celosia cockscomb

Wind Drift Farm

Mix of red and yellow Annual bedding plant


Wind Drift Farm

Cottage flower grass like foliage annual


Wind Drift Farm

Pink or red geraniums Old fashioned standard for bed borders or pots


Wind Drift Farm

Pink and white blooms Annual

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