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Yogurt and Cheese

The Argyle Cheese Farmer offers real Greek yogurt and hand crafted cheeses made with extremely high quality milk from their 50 cow herd. 100% of the forages the cows eat come from their farm, and no synthetic hormones are used.

Plain Greek Yogurt

Argyle Cheese Factory

Quite tart, our plain Greek yogurt is very versatile. Use it for cooking, add honey to eat it like they do in Greece,...

Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Argyle Cheese Factory

The vanilla flavor is slightly sweeter than plain. In addition to enjoying it straight, customers report using...

Maple Greek Yogurt

Argyle Cheese Factory

This decadent yogurt is so good, it could be a dessert. With more maple syrup than the non-Greek version, this is...

Cheese Curds

Argyle Cheese Factory

Our cheese curds are the first step in what would ultimately become a cheddar cheese. Instead of pressing and aging...

Feta Cheese

Argyle Cheese Factory

Argyle Cheese Farmer's Feta cheese breaks with tradition. Feta has traditionally been made with sheep and goats...


Argyle Cheese Factory

This European staple is a cultured fresh cheese spread, similar to American cream cheese, but fresher, a bit tangier...


Argyle Cheese Factory

This cheese spread is made by combining Quark, butter and some seasonings. It is a great spread on bagels, crackers...

Sweet Greek Jars

Argyle Cheese Factory

Feature our Greek yogurt with a small amount of fruit/flavors in the jar

Whole Milk Yogurt

Argyle Cheese Factory

non-homogenized- meaning cream separates and rises to top just stir in before serving. Pure simplicity-no pectin-...

Cheese and yogurt dips (Argyle Cheese Farmer)

Wind Drift Farm

delicious yogurt and cheese dips for pretzels. crackers and veggies Available in 3 delicious flavors

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